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2004    Master of Fine Art – Sculpture (Installation, Mixed media, Time based Art)
             University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM; Graduated with distinction
2000    Bachelor of Fine Art - Sculpture
             University of Colorado at Denver, Denver, CO; Magna Cum Laude
1998    Metropolitan State College of Denver, Denver, CO;
             The President's Honor Roll, spring 1996 and spring 1998


2013     Gallery Zone, "Plenum", Osaka, Japan, October
2011     222 Shelby Street Gallery, "Luminous", Santa Fe, NM, March
2007     Salon Mar Graff, Tesuque NM, September
2005     McLanahan Gallery, Pennsylvania State University, Altoona PA, November
2005     Donkey Gallery, "New Work", Albuquerque NM, April
2004     The Harwood Art Center - "Reflections" MFA thesis exhibitions, Albuquerque NM, April


2017     222, "Railroad Ramble", Roswell, NM, Oct/Mar
2017     April Price Projects Gallery, "Illuminexus", Albuquerque, NM, June/August
2017     Balzer Contemporary Edge Gallery, "Forever Young, Faculty and Stuff Exhibition", Santa Fe, NM, June/August
2016     Sanitary Tortilla Factory, "Non-Finito", Albuquerque, NM, December/January
2016     Las Cruces Museum, "Transforming Space", Las Cruces, NM, November/January
2015     El Zaguan, "What if?", Santa Fe, NM , April/May
2015     Peters Project "Axle Indoors", Santa Fe, NM, February/March
2014     Leonora Curtin Wetland Preserve "Wilderness Acts", La Cienega, NM, October/November
2014     Spectrum Gallery "Seed", Osaka, Japan, February
2013     Gallery Zone "Good Fortune Contemporary Art", Osaka, Japan, December
2013     Cloud 5 Project "Coherent Light", Santa Fe, NM, June-August
2013     Spectrum Gallery "Cute Little Thing", Osaka, Japan, May
2013     Center for Contemporary Arts "Collect 10 / Lucky 13", Santa Fe, NM, April
2013     Gallery Zone "PRIZM 2013", Osaka, Japan, March
2012     Red Dot Gallery "From the Ground Up", Santa Fe, NM, September
2012     El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe "Make Art, Not War", Santa Fe, NM, August
2011     Santa Fe Art Institute "Act in Response: Santa Fe Speaks", Santa Fe, NM, November/December
2011     Artspace "Marie Celeste", New Haven, CT, May-September, curated by Liza Statton
2010     Santa Fe Art Institute "Flash Flood", Santa Fe, NM, November/December
2009     SCA gallery "Constructed Analogy to Landscape", Albuquerque, NM, September
2009     THE LAND/an art site, Mountainair NM, August
2009     THE LAND/an art site gallery, Albuquerque NM, August
2009     516 ARTS,"Equation: A Balanced State?", Albuquerque, NM, August
2008     SCA Gallery, "Engendered Space", Albuquerque, NM, September
2008     Marriot Hotel Downtown Denver, "Celebration of CAM", Denver, CO, October
2008     Site Santa Fe 7th International Biennial, "Lucky Number Seven", Artist collaborator, Santa Fe, NM, June
2008     Salon Mar Graff, "Celebrateglass", Tesuque, NM, June
2007     Santa Fe Modern, Santa Fe, December
2007     Salon Mar Graff, Tesuque, NM, September
2006     Plus Gallery, Denver, CO, July/August
2006     Salon Mar Graff "Respond", Tesuque, NM, July
2006     Marriot Hotel downtown Denver "Look at Me Now", Denver, CO, May
2005     Bridge Center for Contemporary Art - "RimScape", El Paso TX, October
2005     New Mexico State University Art Gallery, "Regional Invitational", Las Cruces NM, June-July
2004     THE LAND/an art site - "Death in two parts", Invitational Annual exhibition, Mountainair NM, October
2004     The Albuquerque Museum - "Albuquerque Contemporary 2004", Juried exhibition, Albuquerque NM, July, Juried by Gronk
2004     SCA Gallery"Pleasurework", Pomona CA, April
2003     fort 508 "Pleasurework", Albuquerque NM, April
2002     The Harwood Art Center - "le fin d'annee scholaire", Juried show, Albuquerque NM, March
2002     John Sommers Gallery - "D.H.Lawrence Summer Workshop", Albuquerque NM, September
2002     "Space Until Dark: Perceptual-Philosophical-Organization of Space", Albuquerque NM, May
2001     Magnifico Artspace "Hanger 18: Kite Transformations", Albuquerque NM, December    
2001     Jonson Gallery "New Graduate Student Exhibition", Albuquerque NM, September
2001     Emmanuel Gallery "Creme de L'Auraria", Denver CO, July
2001     Fresh Art Gallery "Words", Denver CO, March
2001     Emmanuel Gallery "UCD Student Exhibition", Denver CO, February
2000     Ground For Sculpture, "Fall/Winter 2000/2001 Exhibition", Hamilton NJ, July
2000     CHAC Gallery "Wallpaper", Denver CO, January


2017     Equal Justice Residency, Santa Fe Art Institute, NM, Feb/ Mar
2005     Jentel Artist Residency Fellowship, Banner WY, Feb/Mar
2004     Juror's Choice Award - Albuquerque Contemporary 2004, Albuquerque, NM, July
2000     International Sculpture Center 2000 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award, Hamilton, NJ, July


2017     Fulcrum Fund (as a core member of Confluence Collective), 516 Arts in partnership with the Andy Warhol Foundation, August 2012     Creative Capital Workshops, January
2008     Land Art Project, 516 Arts, December
2004     Graduate Research Development Grant, University of New Mexico, February  
2003     Student Research Allocations Committee Grant, University of New Mexico, December  
2003     Graduate Fellowship, University of New Mexico, September
2002     Graduate Fellowship, University of New Mexico, January
2001     Graduate Fellowship, University of New Mexico, September
2000     Kelly Travel Scholarship, University of Colorado at Denver, September
2000     Formosa Fund Scholarship, University of Colorado at Denver, September
2000     Kelly Travel Scholarship, University of Colorado at Denver, May
2000     Dean's Fellowship, University of Colorado at Denver, February.
1999     Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program Grant, University of Colorado at Denver, November
1998     Colorado Scholars Award, Metropolitan State College, January
1997     Colorado Scholars Award, Metropolitan State College, September


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2017      Ann Landi, "Vasari21"
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2004     Steven Robert Allen, "Gronk! Gronk!", Alibi p21, vol.13 No.32/August 5-11, Albuquerque, NM, August.
2004     Jennifer Cho, "Exploring the divine mysteries of female desires", The LA Daily News May 8, Los Angeles, CA, May
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2002     Nikita Storm, "Reviews", Art Papers Magazine p48, vol. 26.5 September/October, Atlanta, GA, September
2000     International Sculpture Center Website - Award section (, October   
2000     ISC Student Award, Sculpture Magazine p40 vol. 19 No. 8/October, Hamilton, NJ, October
2000     Suzzane Furberg, "Sculptor carving out a niche", Denver Free Press p15 vol. XVIII Issue 7 September 19, Denver, CO,


2010     "LAND/ART New Mexico" Santa Fe: Radius Books
2004     THE LAND/an art site, "Death in two parts" 5th Annual Invitational Exhibition, October
2004     15th Annual Regional Juried Exhibition, Albuquerque Contemporary 2004, July
2000     Fall/Winter 2000/2001 Grounds for Sculpture, October


2006     University of Louisville, KY, October
2005     Pennsylvania State University, Altoona, PA, November


"High UV" a group show (12 artists) THE LAND/an art site, Mountainair NM, July, 2005


Land/Art site Inc. Board member


Australia, Canada, China, Cuba, England, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, The Philippines, Scotland, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, 35 states in US

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